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How to say inconvenience in Zulu Whats the Zulu word for inconvenience? Heres a list of translations. Zulu Translation. ukuphazamiseka More Zulu words for inconvenience. ukukhathazeka noun: worry, anxiety: ukuxineka noun: inconvenience: umphambaniselo noun: inconvenience, retaliation: Find more words! Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * …
Translation of Inconvenience in Afrikaans inconvenience in afrikaans
The noun inconvenience can be countable or uncountable.. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be inconvenience.. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be inconveniences e.g. in reference to various types of inconveniences or a collection of inconveniences.
Translate sorry for this inconvenience in Afrikaans
curfew translation in English-Afrikaans dictionary. Showing page 1. Found 103 sentences matching phrase "curfew".Found in 2 ms.
Translate apologies for the inconvenienc in Afrikaans
Contextual translation of "apologies for the inconvenience caused" into Afrikaans. Human translations with examples: aanmeld, na die viaduct, antoniem vir eers.
inconvenience - translation - English-Afrikaans Dictionary
inconvenience - Meaning in Afrikaans, what is meaning of common in Afrikaans dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of common in Afrikaans and English.
inconvenience - vertaling - Engels-Afrikaans Woordeboek inconvenience in afrikaans
The quality of being inconvenient. Something that is not convenient, something that bothers. Show declension of inconvenience Soortgelyke frases in woordeboek nie Engels Afrikaans.
How to say inconvenience in Italian - WordHippo inconvenience in afrikaans
Contextual translation of "sorry for this inconvenience" into Afrikaans. Human translations with examples: daarbenewens, nuwe karakters.
How to say convenience in Afrikaans - WordHippo
English-Afrikaans dictionary. 2014.. Synonyms: . Annoyance, vexation, molestation, disturbance, trouble, disadvantage / Awkwardness, , vexation, molestation
Inconvenient in Afrikaans - English-Afrikaans Dictionary
If you want to know how to say inconvenience in Afrikaans, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Afrikaans better. Here is the translation and the Afrikaans word for inconvenience: ongerief Edit. Dictionary Entries near inconvenience

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