Couch in afrikaans

How to say "on the couch" in Afrikaans

couch in afrikaans
sofa in Afrikaans translation and definition "sofa", English-Afrikaans Dictionary online. sofa . IPA: /ˈsəʊfə/; Type: noun; Copy to clipboard ; Details / edit; omegawiki. sofa { noun } A piece of furniture on which more than one person can sit, with cushions, a back, and arm rests. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeResearch. bank { noun } My wife had stretched out on a sofa to rest

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But that ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgive sins, (he said unto the sick of the palsy,) I say unto thee, Arise, and take up thy couch, and go into thine house. Afrikaans Maar dat julle kan weet dat die Seun van die mens mag het om op aarde sondes te vergewe sê Hy vir die verlamde man: Ek sê vir jou, staan op, neem jou bed op en gaan na jou huis toe.

sofa - English-Afrikaans Dictionary - Glosbe

Whackhead Darren Simpson tries to deal with a problem with a couch - entirely in Afrikaans - a language he doesnt speak very well at all .

Whackhead fixes a Couch in Afrikaans - YouTube

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Do You Know How to Say Couch in Afrikaans?

couch in afrikaans
How to say on the couch in Afrikaans. Afrikaans Translation. op die rusbank Find more words!

English to Afrikaans Meaning of couch - http://afrikaans

couch in afrikaans
How to Say Couch in Afrikaans. If you want to know how to say couch in Afrikaans, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Afrikaans better. Here is the translation and the Afrikaans word for couch: rusbank

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couch in afrikaans
piece of furniture in Afrikaans translation and definition "piece of furniture", English-Afrikaans Dictionary online. piece of furniture . Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; omegawiki. meubel. A movable article in a room designed to support human activities, for example a bed or a table. I own only a few pieces of furniture and choose not to have a television. Ek besit net ’n

sofa - Afrikaans-English Dictionary - Glosbe

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